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 Lucius' new toy and Narcissa's weakness (private)

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PostSubject: Lucius' new toy and Narcissa's weakness (private)   Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:59 pm

Place: By the Black Lake
Characters: Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black
Status: Incomplete

Narcissa Black walked out of the school and onto the grounds. The November wind was quite chilly and she had to pull her cloak up tightly around her neck to block out the cold. Lucius had asked her to meet him out here this afternoon, and as always, she agreed. She would never refuse Lucius, ever.

She made her way across the grounds and headed over towards the lake and made herself comfortable in a spot on the grass next to a large oak tree. Her thoughts drifting to the many things that had happened recently. Severus had seemed to find himself a girl who actually liked him. She was a Ravenclaw, but at least she was a pureblood. It might be a bit mental, but Cissy in a few ways liked her. She was outspoken and not afraid to use her wand when the occasion called for it. She was, in her opinion, one that might be persuaded, seduced over to the dark side, their side.

Her thoughts then drifting to the scene at the dance with her sister. A sneer immediately formed on her face with these thoughts. Her sister...they had the same blood coursing through their veins, how could she be so different, so dirty to be so close with a mudblood? The very thought of it was making her sick to her stomach. At least one good thing happened that night. Lucius had mildly hinted that he may be planning on them, as in her and him, having some kind of a future together when he made his comment to Meda...bloodtraitor.

She let out a sigh and ran a hand trough her golden hair and then leaned her back against the tree. Lucius would be here soon and in all honesty, he was the only one who could get her in a better mood, though in ways it made her worry a bit. She was beginning to realize, that he was her weakness, something that she thought she would ever have.

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Lucius' new toy and Narcissa's weakness (private)
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