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 Nightly Strolls...

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PostSubject: Re: Nightly Strolls...   Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:57 pm

"Hey, Bee," said Molly as a roomie of theirs walked up to them. Wondering how many other students were out of bounds this night, she listened to her explanation about being there and her remark about Molly and Karen looking older. "We just had some things that needed taking care of, we'll tell you more later," Molly said, stressing the last word and giving Sirius a brief glance. Once he was out of the way they could share the secret with Bee, but until then...::

::Falling into step with Karen, she paid little to no attention to the two behind them. They needed to get back as soon as possible, but they needed to find Arthur's broom and find out what Augustus was doing as seemed to Molly that they were in for a long night.::

"So, what are you doing down here any way.... And how are we going to manage to get out unseen?" asked Bee.::

"About why we're here, we'll tell you when we get back. And as for how we're getting back without getting caught, well, Sirius knows the way..." she said, trailing off worridly at the end. Putting their trust in Sirius Black. And not only their trust, their reputation- just think of how much gossip could be around the school by the next morning about them! How that Rita Skeeter would love to hear of it, prepare rumors to spread, start writing a story about their escape for her gossip column...::

::Seeing the gates to Hogwarts looming up ahead of them, Molly turned to Sirius to ask, "So, where to now? I expect we aren't going to just knock at the gate and hope someone we can trust to keep quiet lets us in."
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PostSubject: Re: Nightly Strolls...   Fri Jul 13, 2007 2:05 pm

Excited to hear the details from Molly and Karen when she would get back to the dorm, Bee walked along with the others. She had just gotten there and felt it was a shame to leave so soon, but the consequences would be horrindous if they did get caught.

The silence was awkward, or at least Bertha thought so. She hated silences, but if they made the slightest sound......

When they reached the gates Molly said, "So, where to now? I expect we aren't going to just knock at the gate and hope someone we can trust to keep quiet lets us in."

Bee glanced at the broom in her hand... "You know the window in the girls dorm is open...maybe we could fly in there..." she stated. Then she put her finger to her chin and thought. "Well, except for Sirius...." she smiled "We all know what would happen then and that wouldn't be good." That made the situation a tad bit difficult since boys were not aloud in girls dorms... "one of us," she pointed to the girls, "could open the common room window so he could climb in." She wondred if flying would be safe... it was awfully foggy, good coverage. She looked towards the others to see what they thought of such a plan.

Just then she heard something, scarred out of her wits she stood motionless. The terror of getting caught, what would the punishment be? "What was that?" she whispered. Her fingers trimbled.... She had enough scares for the evening.
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Nightly Strolls...
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